Fall Safety On a 2nd Story Mezzanine

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Our team of trained fall protection experts was recently contacted by a large brewing company in Upstate New York. The brewing company needed a horizontal fall protection system installed in their warehouse, above one of their processing machines.

The brewery needed to periodically do maintenance on top of this processing machine which was located on a 2nd floor mezzanine. A fall protection system was needed to keep the maintenance workers safe as they performed their work 27 feet above the floor. The job was classified as a fast track project and needed to be completed by the end of 2017.

With the project details laid out and a completion date set, our team of fall safety, prevention and protection experts began assessing the situation, taking measurements, and designing a horizontal fall protection system that met all the goals of the brewery.

With a joist height 27 feet off the floor, the fall protection system would need to be custom fabricated. Because maintenance was routinely performed above this processing machine, the system would need to stand up to frequent usage.

Horizontal Fall Protection Solutionfall protection

Our design team installed a custom fabricated system that used three 3M Uni8 horizontal fall protection systems, with ball bearing roller trolleys. This allowed maintenance workers to safely latch on to the safety guide wire and travel out over the process machine to perform their work.

Our system met all of the project requirements on time and the project was a great success.

Our team of fall safety experts was able to complete the project on December 28th, a few days ahead of the completion schedule set forth by the brewery. The completed system was also installed within the given budget constraints, which created a win/win situation for everyone involved.

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