Fall Protection Harness Inspection

Fall Protection Safety is Serious Business

When was the last time your fall protection system was inspected and recertified?

Inspections should be completed annually, by a trained and qualified technician. Let us schedule your next inspection and recertification with our service team. We will evaluate parts for wear, asses the current state of your fall protection system, make recommendations on service, and provide you with a complete fall protection system inspection. Get peace of mind, knowing that your workers are safe and your business is in compliance.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Our team of certified, trained experts will provide you with safe, reliable OSHA/ANSI Fall Protection Equipment Inspections.

It’s not enough for workers to perform their own lanyard and harness inspection, there are specific OSHA fall protection inspection requirements which must be met. Legally, the person who inspects your safety harness and fall protection systems matters a great deal. Fall protection harness inspection and other fall protection equipment inspections should be carried out by certified specialists.

To avoid liability, inspections must be performed on at least a yearly basis by certified, trained technicians.

What to Expect During an Inspection

Using our comprehensive fall protection inspection form as a reference to be certain we do not miss anything, our technicians will perform an in depth visual examination of your fall protection systems and ensure there are no defects, signs of damage, excessive wear, or deterioration, and that your system is legibly tagged.

We also look for alterations or additions that would affect the performance of your system, and for missing, or non-functioning parts.

All mountings are inspected for loose connections. We also make sure all your hardware elements are working, your straps and ropes are free from defects, hooks are not bent or distorted, and springs are in good working order.

What to Expect After an Inspection

Based on the findings of our inspections, we will make recommendations on which portion(s) of your fall protection equipment need replacement. A detailed report will follow for your records.

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