Roof Walkway = Roof Safety

Rooftop Walkways with railings provide safe walking surfaces and fall protection at the same time. Whether you have a rubber membrane, concrete or steel corrugated roof our team will install the appropriate walkway grating based solution to meet your needs.

  • Direct the Flow of Traffic on Your Rooftop
  • Provide Safe Access to Equipment
  • Traverse Rooftop Obstacles Like Pipes and Ducts

Due to our unique rubber base designs, that helps evenly distribute loads, our systems can be mounted directly atop your roof, without the need for rubber padding, and they provide a much safer system than roof walk pads.

Walkway Grating Improves Safety

A metal grate walkway made out of steel walkway grating adds a considerable amount of safety on the roof. Walkway grating creates a safe, nonslip walking surface for workers and equipment to travel on. The porous surface allows rain, snow, and smaller dirt and debris particles to pass through, keeping your surface free of obstructions.

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Improve Roof Safety with a Custom Roof Walkway

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