Using Platform Grating in a Custom Maintenance Platform

When an Ivy League College, in New Haven, CT, contacted us about designing and installing a custom fall protection system made out of platform grating, on their roof, we jumped at the opportunity. The school was in search of a safe way to provide workers with access to maintain equipment on their rooftop.
We designed and installed a custom side access maintenance platform for them.

How We Built a Metal Walkway on Top of a Roof

The engineering department of Fall Protection Solutions was recently contacted by a prominent hospital in Watertown, NY for a metal walkway project. We previously worked with the same customer on a Medical Support project, but this time our customer was looking for roof walkway systems, instead of medical equipment supports.
A metal walkway, located on their rooftop, would provide fall protection while also giving them access to maintain their HVAC system.

Types of Fall Protection: Temporary vs Permanent

There are a wide range of fall protection options available, including different harnesses, anchors, and lifelines – but before you decide on which of these systems is right for you, you need to decide whether your fall protection is going to be temporary or permanent.

Fall Arrest System vs Fall Restraint System – Which is Better?

Fall protection systems may seem complex and difficult to understand, but when you break down the terminology, you gain a better understanding of how fall protection systems work, why fall protection is needed, and which system needs to be installed for your specific situation. You see, it’s not really a question of which is better, but which is better for your application.